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Robert Pfeferman

I am Robert Pfeferman. I provide high-quality, client-centered legal representation to individuals and businesses in Washington, DC.

My firm’s philosophy is built on client-centered legal advocacy and caring about my client and their case goals. Secondly, integrity. I offer honest expectations, clear communication and a high-value work product. Next is a strong work ethic and tenacious pursuit of my clients’ case objectives. Lastly, I am a Washington, D.C. native and I believe in service to my community beyond my practice of law.

I take a well-rounded approach to help my clients achieve their goals. In determining the right course of action, I begin with big picture questions, then narrow it down to get the fine details of my client’s legal needs. Developing a strategy is a step-by-step process. I provide straightforward answers, timely responses and efficient solutions. This is critical because the statute of limitations places restrictions on the timeline for filing certain complaints or lawsuits.

In each case, my goal is to help the individuals or businesses obtain optimal results in the most efficient way possible. In some cases we get results through simple negotiation and in others litigation in courts or another legal forum is necessary.


There is no substitute for an experienced attorney’s perspective when it comes to resolving legal problems.

Working with a knowledgeable attorney can alleviate the stress your legal problem is causing and the uncertainty created by the myriad sources of information available in today’s world.

I have represented hundreds of clients in all of the Washington, D.C. courts and administrative agencies. The results include millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements as well as many other forms of relief for my clients. I have also represented a variety of individuals, businesses and organizations who are not involved in a dispute with their legal concerns or to create essential legal documents.

Having an attorney’s perspective means knowing solutions and remedies to disputes that are available in case law, administrative policies and statutes. It also involves placing a high value on the art of negotiating with the other party for achieving the best possible outcome. I draw on years of experience and a lifetime of connections to make the decision on the right course of action for your particular needs.

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Practice Areas

Construction Law
Tort Claims
Real Estate
Small Business
Government Matters
Civil Rights
Consumer Protection