How serious is distracted driving?

How serious is distracted driving?

| Mar 30, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Distracted driving is a well known problem that can cause serious injuries and harm to victims of distracted driving-related car accidents. Victims of distracted drivers should know the different legal protections available to victims of distracted driving.

The seriousness of distracted driving

Of all of the fatal car accidents in the United States in the past 7 years, greater than 9% involved distracted driving according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data. Greater than 2,800 victims were killed because of distracted driving during 2018. In addition, 400,000 victims were injured in distracted driving-related car accidents during 2018.

In the District of Columbia, hand-held cell phone use is banned for all drivers. Due to the dangerous nature of distracted driving, it is important for drivers of all ages to refrain from distracted driving to help keep themselves and those sharing the roadways with them safe.

Victims of distracted drivers can suffer physical, financial and emotional injuries and harm. This can include medical expenses, time away from work recuperating, emotional strain and trauma associated with the accident and wrongful death legal damages in circumstances of a fatal car accident. A personal injury claim for damages against the distracted danger responsible for causing the harm the victim suffered may be able to help the victim, and in some situations the victim’s family, recover compensation for their damages.

Distracted drivers may face both criminal penalties and legal liability to victims they harm in distracted driving-related car accidents. For that reasons, victims should be familiar with the protections of a personal injury claim for damages.