Return to work for injured D.C. employees

Return to work for injured D.C. employees

| Mar 15, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

If employees in Washington, D.C. have been injured at work, they are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. As they heal, there is return to work information that may be helpful to them as part of the workers’ compensation program.

The Office of Risk Management’s workers’ compensation program describes four return to work options. These are intended to be temporary until the employee is able to return to regular work and will be determined based on the individual’s circumstances.

These options may be appropriate for workers with certain injuries. For example, workers who have an ankle, foot or leg injury may benefit from a seated workstation. Workers who have a shoulder, arm or hand injury may be able to complete jobs where the use of one arm is possible.

Return to work

Modified work allows employers to adapt, alter or remove physical barriers to help the employee perform essential job functions.

Workers may also be eligible for alternative work if they are permanently restricted from their original job but have other abilities. Transitional work may also be an option for workers to progress toward their original job.

These alternative work options may include answering the phone, filing paperwork, and taking inventory that does not involve physically moving stock. They may also include packaging or light assembly of products or merchandise.

There may also be an opportunity for experienced employees to share their knowledge by acting as a teacher or an instructor for newer employees while their work is limited.

Workers’ compensation requirements can be complex but an experienced attorney can help employees who have questions about that process, as well as their return to work options.