Telemarketing scams: what to do about them

Telemarketing scams: what to do about them

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“We’ve been trying to contact you regarding your car’s extended warranty.” At this point, everyone knows this line because this telemarketer has become prolific. Indeed, viewing any recent comedy show will likely include a reference to the extended warranty telemarketing scam. But, not all telemarketing scams are created equal and some may even successful trick even the most protective person.

“Do Not Call” List

Registering for the “Do Not Call” List is the first step to avoiding telemarketing calls generally. This is done by registering at or by calling 1-888-382-1222. Do not forget to include all of one’s numbers. If one has children with their own cellphone numbers, include those too. When one receives calls, ask to be placed on that company’s internal “Do Not Call” List as well.

Unknown and anonymous calls

All anonymous calls and calls from unknown numbers should be avoided. And, if a telephone number looks familiar, still do not answer. If the call is legitimate, the person calling will leave a message. Remember, telemarketers will likely keep attempting to contact numbers they know have a person that will answer their call. They may sell those numbers to other telemarketers as well, and of course, keep contact details private to avoid this as well.

Professional help

Most phone carries and cell phone software providers offer some kind of Blocking Service. These services and apps can block known telemarketing numbers, numbers one chooses and even anonymous calls.

What if one has already been a victim?

First, call a Washington, D.C. attorney. An attorney can walk scam victims through the process. Next, file a complaint with the D.C. Attorney General’s Office’s Consumer Protection office and Federal Trade Commission.