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Construction Law Attorney in Washington, D.C.

The construction industry is a unique and dynamic space. It can also be complicated and difficult. Whether it is an established organization or a novice individual, problems and disputes may arise.  Navigating these issues is critical to success and to ensure protection against monetary loss. An experienced attorney and zealous advocate oftentimes provide the push necessary to overcome these hurdles.  

My experience includes working on all sides of a construction project dispute — be it a plaintiff or defendant, a property owner, or a construction/design professional. The types of legal issues and pitfalls in this industry can be endless and are unique to each case.

Some of the issues I have seen involve: 

  • a dispute between a contractor and subcontractor;  

  • faulty or negligent construction;  

  • latent damage not discoverable until months or years after the project is complete;  

  • illegal construction issues; construction accidents causing injury or property damage;  

  • architectural or other design defects;  

  • construction delays;  

  • change order disputes,  

  • unforeseen conditions affecting the project;  

  • problems with insurance coverage and bad faith;  

  • payment disputes; and  

  • many more. 

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Some of the key questions will depend on the contract or contracts between the parties, but others may be answered by the numerous laws in place, community customs, and other practical considerations. Exploring these questions and outlining clear goals is how we to develop an initial strategy, but remaining dynamic and fluid as the case moves forward is also important.  

Every dispute or issue is different so any legal representation begins with a frank conversation.  Please contact me to discuss your particular situation to determine if retaining an attorney is necessary and is the right path forward.