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Tort Claims

"Tort" comes from the French word for wrong and is one of the oldest forms of legal action. This area of law can encompass any situation where someone is harmed by another’s wrongful act and gives rights to the injured party to recover compensation for their injuries. One of the most common forms of tort is negligence, which is most often the central claim in an automobile accident case for example.

If you have been injured or damaged because of someone else’s wrong, you may have the right to compensate for that damage. Hiring an attorney can help you to access the strong remedies that the law provides in a wide area of situations where someone is harmed by another’s wrongful act.   

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I represent clients with the following types of tort cases: 

  • wrongful death

  • premises liability 

  • slip, trip, and fall 

  • car/bicycle accidents

  • medical malpractice 

  • negligence

  • construction accidents. 

If you have been hurt because of someone else’s bad actions then contact me to discuss your situation and determine if legal action is right for you.